The last chance

They both knew it was their last chance. To say that the previous weeks had been shit would be a huge understatement. Barely anyone had been coming to their gigs recently and a few agents had told them outright to shut up. They had spent the whole day at Theo’s place (which was nothing extraordinary since Adam had practically lived there), trying to face the fact that they will probably have to give up music and start looking for some real job. For both of them, however, this perspective was rather repulsive. So they were sitting in silence, after emptying half a bottle of gin, but surprisingly, none of them was actually in the mood for drinking. Adam was striking the keys of his keyboard absent-mindedly.

"Try this." Theo, who was sitting on the couch, handed him a piece of paper with the stave and a few lines of notes written on it.

"What’s this?" Adam took a paper and cast an eye on it. "When did you write it?"

"Now. Basing on what you’ve been playing."

Adam sighed disheartened.

"Theo, I’m don’t wanna do another pointless piece."

"It’s not pointless."

Still not convinced, Adam put the notes on a music stand, knowing that Theo wouldn’t let go. He stared at them for a while and hesitantly started playing.

The melody started calmly, almost like a lullaby, to grow on power in the next few seconds. It finished too soon, as Theo had managed to write down only a short fragment, so Adam started all over again. He had to admit it wasn’t bad. During the third playing his imagination added some more instruments. He snapped his fingers in Theo’s direction. Knowing what it’s about his bandmate handed him a pen. Adam bent over the notes writing hastily.

"This would be better this way…"

A few hours later the two young man were trotting through the streets of Manchester, trying to avoid getting wet as is had started raining. Adam was hugging a laptop case to his chest as if he could save it from the water. They soon reached Newton Street and the taller of the two opened the door to the Sunshine Studios.

"Looks like no dancing lessons today," noticed Theo as he followed Adam to the staircase. They went down to the small black-painted room they used to record music.

"Means no sounds of stepping on the record, works for me," answered Adam getting his jacket off.

His laptop announced battery low so Adam plugged the cable into the socket and placed the machine on the table. Theo was already standing impatiently in the middle of the room, harassing the micstand as Adam was preparing the computer. Finally he put on his headphones, nodded his head and switched the music on.

When Theo started singing Adam slowly raised his eyes from above the laptop and looked at his friend. Theo was standing sideways to Adam, keeping his hands down in the pockets of his trousers, his eyes closed.

Adam was torn by mixed feelings. On the one hand he had known from the beginning that Theo could sing it without any trouble, but in the same time he was sitting there completely taken aback by the power of his bandmate’s voice.

Meanwhile, as the more energetic part of the song came up, Theo pulled his left hand out of his pocket and grasped the top of the microphone. Adam was staring as if he was hypnothised, not even blinking when Theo’s hand slid down the micstand. His eyes were either fixed on the one point of the wall or tightly closed as he produced some high-pitched tone.

Adam’s heart was beating like crazy, demanding attention, but he didn’t even noticed, completely lost in the sound and the sight of Theo.

This was so different from what they had been doing with Daggers, and maybe that was the reason why Adam was so shocked. Theo looked just like he did during the regular gigs, dressed in his Tenerife shirt, his hair gelled up. At least he didn’t wore the eyeliner today. In the same time he looked so out of place and in the right place. Adam couldn’t think of anyone more suitable for singing this song. Anyone he would rather work with.

Suddenly the music ended. Theo fell silent in the middle of the word, inquiringly glaring at Adam, who looked down on the screen. Black screen.

"Shit," he hissed, trying to bring the device back to life.

"What?" Theo appeared by his side in no time.

"I don’t know, it just…" Adam tried turning the computer on once again, but there was no reaction.

"You didn’t plug it in, you twat." Theo picked up the charger’s ending from the floor, pointing on the other end of the cable placed in the socket. Adam growled angrily and connected the computer so it would charge finally.

"You need to get a new image," he stated, throwing a quick glance at Theo’s clothes. ‘It doesn’t match with the music.’

Theo looked down, inspecting his outfit.

"I’m not wearing braces," he objected. Adam shrugged.

"Fine. Braces are mine anyway. Just… At least wear this grey jacket you wear to the dole office. It will do."

Theo didn’t say anything, it looked like if he were still trying to figure out why his current clothes are inappropriate. Adam smiled at that thought.

"Again," he commanded after a while, when he started all the programs.

"Next time you sing," Theo commented getting up and walking back towards the microphone.

That time, although for Adam it seemed almost impossible, he sang even better.

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